This web site is created with social-media functions similar to FaceBook© and allows for interaction between the user and the web site manager, a.k.a., owner-builder.  This web site has photographs and videos that demonstrate how containers may be configured _ attached to make a variety of "modern" homes. Members who join this site will be able to post photos and videos to share their issues, experiences and solutions. They can submit questions about  the on-going construction that ought to make the user experience valuable.  The owner-builder will document the construction activities with videos organized by logical categories, e.g., foundation-footings, welding, plumbing, electrical, insulation, windows, potable water storage (including a cistern), roofing, paint, etc., making for easy access and finding solutions to issues The owner-builder is negotiating with a television cable station to broadcast the development to a wider audience in south Florida.  This is all intended to encourage networking among people interested in reusing cargo shipping containers as "green" alternatives to traditional housing.

This web site documents the planning for, design, and permitting of a modest, "green," home constructed from shipping cargo containers.  The home is designed to meet the owner-builder's requirements: catching the local sea breezes for cooling during the pleasant dry season experienced in south Florida; withstanding the powerful forces of infrequent but often destructive tropical storms;  minimizing potential  flooding; including large widows for natural light in a studio where the owner  produces his art; have large enough service systems capable of providing for a future addition of a rental apartment;  ensuring privacy to enjoy outdoor spaces during balmy evenings;  include appropriate landscaping for shading to reduce electricity consumption.

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